Day 2 - Fri 29th Sept, 2017 - Siena

Day 2 - Friday 29th Sept, 2017 - Siena

I awoke after a great sleep to a beautiful Tuscan sunrise over the old city.

Immediately, I went to work assembling my bicycle. Other then a little movement in the bag, it had travelled surprisingly well and went back together. The small pump dictated I would need a visit to the bicycle shop I had found nearby in the old city.

The hotel breakfast was excellent - I opted for some Geoff Gardner Egg’s Legs and the search for the perfect Italian Hot Chocolate continues.

At the bike shop, I was help to pump my tires to 7 Bar (what ever that is) and buy some patches and map. The Italian man was very helpful and helped me with directions to Gaiole.

I then set this destination in the GPS, and headed down the steep, twisty road to the familiar road by the railway line. The ride to Gaiole was very hilly (500m climb over 28km) and I arrived to the setup of the markets, stalls and festivity for L’Eroica.

After collecting my registration pack, I perused the range of vintage bicycle  and parts for sale. The range was amazing from smallest washer to full bicycles (for sale or rent).H

Lunch was a tasty sandwich of Italian sausage, egg plant, onion and sauerkraut (€5) from a stall. I sat in the scenic town square and organized the rego goods to carry in my backpack.B 

The ride back to Siena was more relaxing and I cycled the steep hill to Hotel Italia. I went to TIM mobile and purchased a Sim for tourist (€30 for 1 mth)

Dinner was eaten inside the old city, about 10mins away. Pasta of course.

The bicycle was in need of some maintenance with loose spokes an bottom bracket.

Helpful Siena Bicycle Shop

Helpful Siena Bicycle Shop

The Roosters - emblem of this area

The Roosters - emblem of this area


An amazingly collection of vintage bicycle parts


Gaiole in Chianti- start of L’Eroica route


An amazing selection of old bicycles to both purchase or hire.