Day 17 - Cusco - Uyuni, Bolivia

Day 17 - Cusco - La Paz - Uyuni

After a large hotel breakfast we caught an 8:00 taxi for the 20 min drive through peak hour traffic to the airport. The whistle blowing traffic police were out in force and keep the traffic flowing.

Our flight was scheduled for 10:40 so we had plenty of time. The security took my pocket knife, Karen's mandarin,  sun cream and both full and empty water bottles.

The airport was opened in 1967 and hasn't changed much since. As the departure time passed we eventually got information that the airport was closed so our plane was yet to arrive. Eventually we were allowed back to the coffee shop with the phantom wifi. We had hoped to check the weather and flight tracker.

After a delay of 6 hrs we left Cusco for La Paz. We had be told we were moved to 19:00 flight La Paz to Utuni and wondered if we would make it.

With no time to spare in La Paz and the fastest immigration into Bolivia on record, we just made the half empty jet to Uyuni.

The two flight sectors were about 600km each and each took 45 mins. The snow capped Andres Mountain near La Paz looks spectacular as we landed.

At Uyuni we were met by a taxi (organised by Salt flat tour) and shared the taxi with a friendly couple from France. 

After ckecking into the hotel, and eating a hamburger for dinner we retired after a longer then expected day. First impression of Uyuni is that it's a Wild West town.

After 6 hour delay in Cusco we boarded the plane to La Paz

After 6 hour delay in Cusco we boarded the plane to La Paz