Day 5 - Amazon

Day 5 - Myuna Lodge - Amazon River

Breakfast was at 6:00am, before heading up the river to start our 4 hr trek. Moises, the guide was very skilled at listening for animals and we saw an assorted of spider monkeys, and also the biggest monkey in the forest.  There were lots of birds and some large turtles in the lake. There was not a lot of mosquitos, possibly as our cloths feel saturated with deet insect repellent.

After lunch we had a much needed sleep before heading down river, then through some narrow channels to other streams. It amazing how they navigate, as there are streams and channels everywhere. By April, at highest river these have all combined. The river rises about 10 meters from it current lowest mark. 

We found a fishing spot near the river edge and the guide quickly caught a fish, although not a piranha. A couple of small piranha were caught here, then we moved to another channel and eventually we all caught some fish, which was later cooked and brought out for dinner.

After dinner we took a canoe trip to listen to the animals and spot sleeping birds and tiny bats. It was very peaceful as the guide did the paddling and had a strong head torch and laser pointer.

Tomorrow is our last day, with a 5:30 start. So far no rain, and clear nights, with the full moon just finished.