Day 10 - The End & Summary

Total cycling days

 Total kms
 Longest day 
97km (Hirchaid – Bamberg – Bergrheinfeld) 
Shortest day 
44km (Wurzburg – Frankfurt) 
Highest elevation
Lowest elevation 
 Coldest day 

Hottest day 

 ≈3 kg  


  1. Riding along the rivers and canals bicycle tracks, and arriving at our accommodation in a the middle of a medieval town. 
  2. Coffee and cake breaks after even a few kms of cycling.
  3. Planning the next days route and activities with Robin and Geoff. Getting lost, blaming the maps and  GPS. 
  4. The German countryside in spring. So many flowers and fields of green. 

Lesser lights: 

  1. eBikes - cheating, especially when they overtake you. 
  2. Getting lost. Fun for a while, frustrating at time and inevitable. Maps, GPS help to find the bike track, but missing one little sign can cost one hour. I preferred the quite country roads, if the bike tracks were hard to find.