Day 1 - Sydney - Beijing - Frankfurt [Part 2]

The bike took a while to come thru oversized luggage. The staples on the bottom had given way & they appeared to repack it & just turn the biox over. Hint/tip = tap all joins, regardless of those industrial staples or not.
Nothing was lost that I know of. I had put all loose bits in plastic bags tied to the frame.

After waiting 1/2 hr for accomodation kiosk to reopen, I decided to book a room near Frankfurt hopfbaunhoff (main train station) . We had passed thru there in jan so felt comfortable to take the train there.
It took me a while to find the hotel due to disorientation, and no google maps. Free wifi is hard to find, and the one spot that worked was in the station, so I went back a couple of time.

Dinner was late, at a local Italian, complete with a violinist for entertain. The wine size could be described as "ample" , and I enjoyed relaxing, eating and sending SMSs to home and to my cycling friends, whom I meet tomorrow in wurzburg.