Day 4: Peterborough to Marree

Day 4 Peterborough to Marree479 km today. Dept 8:30 arrive 5:30

Early morning post with photo of overnight accomodation. Great pub food once again.

Expect to lose Telstra 3G Internet today as I head to Marree via Flinders Ranges and first dirt tracks.

Currently in Hawker, about 60km to entrance to flinders range natl park. Beautiful weather. More adventure tourer motorcycles then I seen along the way. Muffin and choco milk was premium priced, but just right for morning tea.

I met 3 older guts in BMW and ktm doing similar trip only with 3 wks and a wife in Audi awd support vehicle. They seem very organized and have a planned itinery

To blinman was all bitumen, contrary to gps saying dirt road to dirt road. It was a pretty little place with the mandatory outback Hotel, post office/general store and community hall.

The ranges looked spectacular and so far I was going parallel. Now it was time to hit the rutted, corrugated dirt and head thru a number of gorges and river crossings. The first river was a bit of a surprise, firstly there even being water, and secondly for the ruts in the river bed below. No film or fortage of the crossing as I concentrated to get across. It must really flood here when it rains.

Back on the bitumen to Leigh creek. Last Telstra 3G for a while. It's a coal mining town, all quite new, tidy and with good services. Apparently they r layer workers off.

The dirt started at Leigh creek. Then by surprise in the middle of no where there is 17km of bitumen. The 3 js out of Marree then is 8 more km of bitumen

Accomodation was $2 on a patch of grass next to the pub. Dinner was at the pub and then a call home via a Telstra pay phone . That takes me back to pre-mobile days of old fashioned communications.

Next stop is William creek and south lake eyre. From all reports the water has nearly gone. It's too far to the lake 130 km on dirt for me. Lots of plane and helicopter flights advertised.