Day minus 2: almost ready to go

After some late nights adding an electrical 12v socket for charging the iPhone, the preparation is falling into place. The vstrom has had a lot added in last 3 mths after 4.5 yrs of being stock 2004 dl650. I bought it as one owner with 11k. It now has 33k km. I have yet to pack the bike. That's tonight's activity. Hopefully all the gear will fit. My notepad list has been updated daily at work as I think of new items to take and things to do. Headings are:

1. Camping 2. Tools 3. Food and water 4. Electrics (eg iPhone) 5. Bike clothing 6. Other clothing 7. Other/misc (eg maps & first aid) 8. Luggage 9. To do 10. Possible ( eg flip up helmet - not done) 11. Hints & tips (eg there is always a second emu if you don't hit the first one - thanks mark d) 12. Cost - incl rego & insurance $2400 before departure