Day 10, Sunday 1 June, 2014 - Garstang to Heysham. Ferry to Douglas IOM

Dist : 58 km
Riding time: 2:52
Total time (including stops) :
Stops: 4
Climb meters up/down 440/493

Even though I could sleep in as it's a short day, my alarm went off at 6:30.

I've think sometimes I am monitored at breakfast as I normally have 2 or 3 bowls of cereal, plus the "full English breakfast" and once I went back for another bowl of cereal. Starting with a full fuel load means that with just morning or afternoon tea, I get an extra hour cycling and enjoy a big dinner.

The ride to Heysham was very flat and with a slight tailwind, I had plenty of time to spare.

Heading into the scenic city of Lancaster (with the castle on the hill), I cycled with a guy going to Kendal who was out for a long ride. He had done LEJOG and experienced bad weather, including snow in Scotland in June. It was only the second time I had cycled with another rider since starting and I enjoyed the extra speed and the chat. I've noticed most road cyclist wave when passing the other way. I am surprised at the lower number of cyclist on the road from the land of Wiggle.

Whilst collecting my ferry ticket I was told I had booked on the 2:15 AM ferry, not the afternoon ferry. They told me I'd have no trouble being issued a standby ticket. I checked my return was correct.

With spare time, I decided to do a reconnaissance to the hotel I had booked for Monday night. As I arrived back on the ferry at 23:15, I want to be sure of the details. The cycle to the beachfront hotel at Moorecambe took 15 minutes. I asked in the hotel that my booking was correct and the logistics of securing my bicycle, and both were good. The hotels, B&B and guest houses are all forth coming in provided secure bicycle storage, even if it's just a laundry or unused function room.

The ferry over was packed and I found a seat. The dress code was predominately black leather and the bar did a good trade. When boarding the ferry I met a guy who was been every year since 1985, and took his bikes in a van. The motorcycle shipping reservations books out 12 mths ahead, and judging by the number they can pack in at £120 each (plus normal ticket of £55 return), it's a good money spinner.

My accomodation with my friend's friend was in Castletown, about 16km from the ferry terminal at Douglas. It was hillier then expected, and the expected rain had arrived, being only light at this stage. Into Castletown I passed the airport and magnificent building which turned out to be a private (aka public) school from 1833.

It took me a while to find the accommodation as I could not call Mike as my cheap UK sim does not have roaming. In the end he spotted me looking lost as he was at the local pub.

After a shower, I found the last place serving dinner in town (Indian) before retiring to bed.

There are a lot of motorcycles, most from the older motorcyclists age band. There are also some old motorcycles. It seems from a same sample of the few I have spoken to that coming back is a the normal.

Tomorrow I see the TT ! The schedule is:

Monday 2nd June, 2014

R- 10:45: Supersport TT Race 1- 4 laps
Q- 12:30 - 13:00 Sidecars
Q- 16:00 - 16:30: TT Zero Challenge
R- 14:00: Superstock TT Race 4 laps