Day 4 - Amazon

Day 4 - Myuna Lodge - Amazon River

The 5:30am alarm came too fast, and  the group was ready to depart on the boat. Being early we saw a number of monkeys and birds, including a Big Tern, Maccau, and King Fisher. 

Some of the tributaries were weeded over for hundreds of meters, and the outboard properly was always being checked and cleared. Moises the Guide hand speared a number of fish which was impressive. Breakfast was in the boat after we had travelled for 2 hrs. It was warming up , and getting humid by the time we returned for lunch.

After lunch and a rest, we headed back down the channel to see pink Dolphins and have a pleasant swim in the Amazon River. There were lots of locals out swimming and washing cloths and body as it was a cooler afternoon.

Dinner was again filling, with fish skewers and other local produce. Next was a night walk with head torches to see a Tralanchula Spider, frogs and termites. 

A very full and amazing day of seeing normally zoo animals in the wild.