Day 7 - Lima

Aay 7 - Lima, Peru

Our first sleep in for a week and then we walked down to Huaca Pucllana, which is a clay pyramid and now an archeological site. It was hidden by dirt/clay and only discovered in the 1920s. It dates from 200-700AD and was a ceremonial and admin site and was very impressive in its engineering and layout.

Next we walked to Miraflores Park, ate lunch and boarded an afternoon bus tour of the local beaches and city centre. We travelled to the interesting beach area of Barranco, which was deemed as being the bohemian area. It's old church was in ruins, after an earthquake, and was being preserved

Next we headed to the city centre in the afternoon traffic. There are many European style palaces from the Spanish colonial time (15th century to 1821). Lastly, we saw the amazing catacombs at the Franciscan monastery were family paid to have their loved ones buried under the church- it was a good business model for cash flow.

The traffic back to the hotel was some of the worst I've seen, mainly due to gridlock on intersections.

Dinner was a tasty Peruvian Italian in the interesting area around 'cat' park (Parque Keneddy). Most Restuarants are decorated for Halloween.