Day 2 - Frankfurt - Wurzburg

After an early start due to my body clock, I threw out all unnecessary paperwork and packed. It was then I discovered I lost my prescription sunglasses, so will need to buy some cheap ones.

Breakfast was included and I'm missing my weetbix, muesli and banana already, but the pumpkin seed rolls and heavy German bread almost makes up for it.

Just need to borrow a decent pump to get enough pressure in the tyres. Hint/tip: scrap the 85gm tiny racing emergeny pump and bring an old fashioned full length Zefal- just Velcro it under top tube.

I made the 9:30 cheap (ie all stops) train to Wurzburg. Robin & Geoff are staying outside due to long weekend and are cycling to meet me at Wurburg HBF. Last night I used the self service train ticket terminal before exiting station and it printed up the morning train timetable and prices- I'm in tune with expected German efficiency!

It looks like Starbucks is the current free wifi of choice. I expect R&G will have the intel on wifi as they have a comprehensive blog on their trip.

The train had a lot of bikes until Aschaffenburg. The country side looks green, so it must be a popular cycling spot from Frankfurt.

On the train was a family group on a four day tour who explained the river track was cut in many places by the flooded river. I alighted at Wurzburg after 2 hrs and about 110 km and easily met R&G at the station.

We cycled up the hill to the marianberg fortress. It was the seat of the bishop princess in 11th century , before they moved to the majestic residential place. We did an an English tour of the later and viewed the rebuilt rooms, which had been bombed extensively in WW2.

After a beer overlooking the fast flowing river, we had dinner whilst talking to an interesting ex Czech lady. We ate at an outdoor restuarent set up for the summer wine festival.

The flooding river has cut many bike tracks and also stopped the river cruise boats.

Summary: 15 km local cycling; one flat tyre; two tourist sites.