Day 2 gunning to Hay

After 520 kms today, I found a motel in Hay at 16:30 to avoid kangaroos. as From all accounts it's one of the worst spots anywhere. Flat , no trees and little grass. Other then B-doubles trucks, there were few cars and no motorcycles for the last 2 hrs. I am very tired, having survived on 5-6 hrs sleep for last 5 nights. The V-Strom is going well and my bags are all packed, so easy to find nightly stuff.

Arriving early allowed me time to check the bike, whilst drinking one of the best cold beers I have tasted in a long time. Some loose bolts were tightened and tyre pressures set correctly.My DIY skid plate is staying on & the 12v socket is great as I can charge iPhone or aa batteries. The iPhone is becoming the primary camera as its easy to update the blog.

I spent 2 1/2 hrs in temora between a great bacon & egg roll and hot choco in an old 50s style cafe,and then watching the only flying vampire jet in oz at the airfield. I met an ex-RAAF Hercules flight engineer who regularly drives the 5 hrs each way just to watch the flying days, so i was lucky to see it.

Dinner is a enormous pub meal, then back to watch the Rabbitos.

The country towns have some great architecture and charm from the bygone sheep wealth. Temora was the pick so far, with it's statue of the famous trotter Paleface Adios!