Day 3: Hay to Peterborough

Although I woke early, I didn't leave the motel till 7:45, as I am too slow strapping the gear onto the bike. I now fully understand why the more experienced just fork out the $$$ for the hard cases, top box and dedicated racks. They must save so much time on a long trip. The road out of Hay to Balrandald was no different to coming in, being same flat, straight uninteresting road. Motorcycles love corners, so hundred of km dead straight is a real test of concentration. With the help of the moulded ear playing Alice Cooper for the 30th times, the boredom was held away.I have worked out how to deal with the B-double truck. Get a run up, blast past at 120km/hr, wait for the airblast they pushing and then build a gap of some distance. Then relax back to 110km/hr, as at 100 to 105 pace they will catch up & even try to pass.

Mildura is a bigger place then expected. The change in landscape is amazing once there is irrigation. There is so much citrus fruit there r roadside stands with an honesty box for payment.

Finding a repco spares allowed me to get some much needed chain lube, which I applied in the car park. Also, bought some spare nuts and bolts, and gaffer tape, which must rival cable tires in versatility as a motorcycle problem fixer.

Lunch and more petrol at mildura. Next was another historical riverboat port town of Renmark, and i crossed the mighty Murray River a number of times, finally at the old riverboat port of Morgan.

So far I'd only seen a group of 6 young emu running along the side of the road out of Hay, but with many more on straight, uninteresting road from Morgan to Burra. Seems a simple life being an emu!

After Burra, the geography changed to rolling hills and green field. A big wind farm was on the hill around Mt Bryan. The last 2 hrs of rolling hills and fast corners ( limit 110) was very enjoyable, after a long day mainly on flat, straight terrain.

I arrived at Peterborough just as it was getting dark, found a room at an historic motel , gased up ready for tomorrow and enjoyed another excellent pub meal.

The dirt starts tomorrow in the Flinder's Rangers.